At Fireflies Nursery education is at the forefront of everything we do. Therefore, we apply emphasis on planning, activities and creating stimulating environments in order to support our children to reach their full potentials.

Through setting up another successful award-winning nursery, the management team have gained an insight in the best practice for young children. This has then been combined with the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS), the latest research and time approved approaches to education to develop a unique educational and care experience. Our staff put major emphasis on developing children’s personal, social and emotional development as well as their physical. This is promoted by both indoor and outdoor play.

At Fireflies Nursery we pride ourselves on the diversity in which we have. Therefore, one of our primary aims is to support children with Speech and Language and Communication.

We believe that each and every child should be free to explore and develop in their own way!


Everyone at Fireflies Nursery are excited to be a part of the history of the building and the area that we are based in. Therefore children's activities involve learning about the history, nature, arts and changes around them.

Examples of classic arts can be seen throughout the nursery - to inspire young minds. Classical music is played at quiet and sleep times, as well as part of musical activities.

We believe that while learning should be through play, it is important that each an every child can discover and develop themselves.


Children are taught about their surroundings and have been actively involved in creating the nursery spaces for themselves. We encourage children to their own exploration of their surroundings to allow them to learn through a developmentally challenging, yet appropriate learning environment that engages children's natural curiosity and helps them to develop a lifelong love of learning.

We respect, nurture and expand the academic, social and emotional gifts of each child while preserving the true spirit and purpose of childhood. Fireflies Nursery supports children in developing essential skills that enhance their knowledge and prepare them for transition into Primary School.