EyLog is an online system that replaces paper records and profiles for each child at Fireflies Nursery. This system allows parents to see how their child is developing and progressing on a day to day basis at Fireflies Nursery. Each practitioner has their own secure tablet that they are able to access eyLog from and record the progression of each child at the nursery. EyLog allows parents to keep track of any activities and observations that they made at home. We believe that this system creates a communication stream between the nursery and the parents to make sure that each child is able to develop to the best of their ability at Fireflies Nursery.

EyLog entries can be one of three forms:

  • Audio entry
  • Video entry
  • Text entry

These entries are of high standard and allow parents to see all of the observations made by the practitioner responsible for their child.

EyLog can be accessed through our custom login page on your browser or it can be accessed through the mobile applications that are available on the Google Play or Apple Store.

To find out what your login information is please visit the nursery or call us on 0121-269-0040